AP-Why? (in depth debate on API developments)

Whilst data is fitting as the currency of the new digital economy, some have proposed that APIs could be the oxygen of the same! Seen in the likes of airbnb, uber, open efficient APIs allows for an extension and escalation of the platform successfully.

APIs used to be a set of technical agreements between parties that wanted to exchange data, or send commands from one application to another, but a modern API is much more than that. These days,  developers of even the simplest applications must integrate with dozens of services that all expose some form of an API. Companies such as stripe.com realised that developers want to spend as little time as possible in these integration choirs.

Minimising this time, and making the integration process agreeable by developer-standards means that you must provide a good ‘Developer Experience’: APIs must be based on open standards, the API must be well documented and it must be instantly accessible. We strongly believe that offering a good developer experience gives your product a competitive advantage.

In this presentation by Gijs and Joris from Ximedes (previously Chess iX), they zoom in on the various aspects of developer experience.  See the examples of good and bad APIs to how your organisation can benefit from exposing well-designed APIs.  See how providing a set of APIs requires more than a beautiful technological solution.

Key Discussion:

  • Non-technical people’s laptops feature “I love APIs” stickers these days, are APIs really that important?
  • What are the critical succes-factors in APIs? Is there a correlation between an API’s success and it’s Developer Experience?
  • Using work that we did for our customers as an example, Ximedes’ gives it vision on how to make your API successful, we’ll show it requires more than cool technology.

Gijs ter Horst is Ximedes’ CMO, responsible for all sales in the  company. Gijs own focus is on the Fintech customers. Gijs started his career as a software developer and fulfilled roles of software architect and technical project manager, working on payment systems as well as websites for large ISP’s at various companies before he switched to a commercial role. Gijs studied physics at the University of Groningen.

Joris Portegies Zwart is CTO of Ximedes, a software technology provider with a strong footprint in the payments industry. As CTO, he is responsible for overall delivery of software development and operational services to clients. During his time at Ximedes, Joris has held multiple roles. With a strong focus on software quality and maintainability, he has designed and developed software systems for the payments, leasing and cash management industries. He is continuously looking for ways to employ modern software development practices and technologies to create products for industries that demand fault-free transaction processing and compliance with industry regulations. Joris holds a Master’s degree in theoretical physics, and a PhD in computer science, both from the University of Amsterdam.

We are Ximedes
We design, build and run transactional and payment software. We work for Fintech companies that need custom software to gain a competitive edge. Ximedes is a partner for the biggest brands in the financial industry as well as for start-ups. Typical clients are ING, Rabobank, Bank Mendes Gans and Equens. We create solutions for public transport operators that shape the future of their ticketing solutions. Using our Faretech components we can help customers go to market quickly. Typical clients are Connexxion, Scheidt & Bachmann, GVB, RET and NS. Facility Pro 5 is a cloud-based solution to make cashless payments for catering, at vending machines, printers and copiers. All transaction data is centrally stored and used to report and analyse payment behaviour. Typical clients are Universities and ROC’s and industry plants like Daimler, Porsche and Toyota

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