8-9 March 2017

Florin awards

The Florin Awards

were created in 2010 to stimulate innovation in the transaction services industry by providing the nominees and the winners with substantial benefits to assist the promotion of their innovative products. The Florin Awards 2017 are brought to you by European Payment Summit and The Paypers.


The Florin Awards Europe 2017 – Best Secure Transaction Solutions

Security has become top priority in the transaction space. We actually are in a constant battle to ‘smart-out’ elements in society who focus on taking advantage of weak spots in our infrastructure. In order to prevent fraud and raise security levels, a lot of energy and innovation is needed to secure a trustworthy and reliable (payment)infrastructure and still secure a customer friendly and simple way of operations.


Announcing Our Winners! Congratulations!

On behalf of the Florin Award Jury, chair Charmaine Oak (Practice Lead, Digital Money) announced both the Jury Vote and Public Vote to the following winners:


ThreatMetrix – the winner of the Florin Award in the category “Architecture for Secure Transactions”.

ThreatMetrix eCommerce protection provides real-time fraud prevention tools to online merchants worldwide, while also offering the potential for a less-intrusive consumer experience. The jury was impressed with the innovation demonstrated by the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network, claimed to be the world first Digital Identity Graph. This maps associations between people and their devices, locations, account credentials and behaviour. Such a mapping of anonymized user identities could play a key role in fighting cybercrime while also respecting consumer privacy. The strong European orientation is helpful for the roll-out of PSD2. Their Cybercrime Threat map provides a live stream of fraud attempts that was also something the jury found credit-worthy.

Irdeto – the winner of the Florin Award in the category “Omni-channel Payments Security“.

The jury was impressed by the way that Irdeto has transformed itself over the years with the visionary leadership of founder Pieter den Tooner who established the company back in 1969. Today the company continues to play an important role in Europe while boasting a client base that includes customers worldwide. The jury especially valued the breadth of security solutions that spanned multiple industries including media & entertainment, automotive and payments. Their solutions in the area of cloakware and whitebox cryptography have a key role to play thanks to the importance of protecting Open APIs and the critical need for security across multiple devices.


From left to right: Joris den Bruinen (Deputy Director of The Hague Security Delta), Maurik Hellebrekers (Director of Business Development, Payments & Banking, EMEA – Irdeto), Stephen Topliss (VP Product Strategy, ThreatMetrix), Charmaine Oak (Co-Founder, Digital Money, Shift Thought)




EclecticIQ is an applied cyber threat intelligence (CTI) technology provider, enabling enterprise security programs and governments to mature a CTI practice. EclecticIQ Platform is a Threat Intelligence Platform that enables operationalization of security information exchange, empowers collaborative analyst workflow and ensures timely integration of intelligence detection, prevention and response capabilities. EclecticIQ’s analyst-centric Threat Intelligence Platform, EclecticIQ Platform, boosts effectiveness of Threat Intelligence practices and intelligence-driven SOC and CERT operations. The company won EU IPACSO’s Cyber Security Award, and Deloitte’s Technology FAST50 Rising Star Award for “Most Disruptive Innovator”. www.eclecticiq.com


Risk management and due diligence have traditionally been some of the most complex and time-consuming necessities for merchant acquirers or payment facilitators. As a result, companies either relied on lack-lustre investigations, which left them vulnerable to law suits and reputation loss, or over-zealous underwriting procedures, which significantly slowed down on-boarding and impeded growth. With the Web Shield Due Diligence Suite, we are establishing a holistic risk-based underwriting and monitoring platform that satisfies all requirements: It affords deep, comprehensive and tailor-made merchant investigations while still delivering false positive free results in the shortest possible time and affords long-term compliance through adaptable monitoring. www.webshieldltd.com


Revolutionary technology, and sheer scale of operations, provides unique insight into authenticating genuine customers in real-time. Digital Identity Intelligence is based on global shared intelligence from tens of millions of daily transactions. We map billions of data points to establish anonymised digital identities across the internet. Merchants can effectively crowd-source information on the risk of a transaction, in a completely anonymized way. Powerful analytics recognise customers by the ever-changing associations between people their devices, locations, account credentials and behaviour – seeing through increasingly sophisticated spoofing tools and bots used by fraudsters. It’s all completely invisible to the user, reducing customer abandonment rates. www.threatmetrix.com

Ethoca Alerts’ direct-from-source issuer data reduces the time it takes for merchants to be alerted of confirmed fraud and customer disputes from the current three to six weeks through the chargeback process, to days, hours or even minutes. This gives them a unique window of opportunity to stop fraud, eliminate chargebacks, increase acceptance and improve the customer experience. We achieved this by building relationships with top card issuing banks and processors around the globe and creating an agnostic, industry standard shared intelligence collaboration network. This network – the world’s largest – now totals over 560+ issuers and 5,000+ merchants around the globe. www.ethoca.com


Global Risk Technologies and its US subsidiary Chagrebacks911 are leading the fight against chargeback fraud, enabling retailers to operate more successful businesses, unburdened by chargebacks. Our Intelligent Source Detection technology is the only product available on the market to accurately identify the true cause of chargebacks. The technology and consultancy combines to deliver tangible results in reducing chargebacks and their associated costs. Global Risk Technologies has grown rapidly and achieved unprecedented win rate and long-term client retention. With our help, merchants are able to accurately assess threats, create viable solutions and prevent revenue loss. www.globalrisktechnologies.com




Fraugster is a German-Israeli payment security company with the goal of maximizing revenues by minimizing fraud. To achieve this, we’ve invented an artificial intelligence technology that combines human-like accuracy with machine scalability. This ability lets us foresee fraudulent attacks before they actually happen and makes us better than every other player in the payment security space. Based on average performance, we are able to reduce fraud by 70% to 80% while increasing conversion rates by up to 35%. Fraugster works with leading international clients like VISA and in a short period of time, grown to manage nearly € 15bn in transaction volume for our clients.

EverCompliant is the pioneer and industry leader in transaction laundering detection and prevention. The company’s flagship product, MerchantView™, is the first and only dedicated solution on the market designed from its core to detect and prevent transaction laundering. MerchantView applies proprietary cyber intelligence technology to identify unknown and hidden merchants funneling transactions through seemingly legitimate storefront websites. Its accuracy, transparency, and ability to uncover hidden ecommerce networks and merchants sets it apart from other competing platforms. MerchantView is a fully automated pure SaaS solution that has an average time to market that can be measured in weeks, even days.


The industry is in the middle of digital disruption, bringing both unprecedented openness and vulnerability to cybercrime. With decades of experience fighting hackers, Irdeto understands that implementing only perimeter security and standard protocols is insufficient. Irdeto Cloakware’s unique approach hardens web application/API code and refreshes the protection layer multiple times a day, making it prohibitively costly for hackers to break in. When a transaction occurs, Cloakware verifies the authenticity of the code sending data to the (bank’s) server. If manipulation or anomalies in the code are identified, Cloakware flags or stops the transaction before any damage can be done. www.irdeto.com


NICE Actimize provides comprehensive real-time fraud detection and prevention solutions across enterprise silos, channels and products. The fraud prevention solutions are built on a robust risk management platform, enabling FIs to understand fraud risk at a customer level, across channels and lines of business and ultimately making every transaction safer and faster. With a proven track record across 300+ clients across the world, NICE Actimize is a market leader in financial crime, providing the industry with comprehensive, enterprise-wide analytics, tools, and expertise for fraud prevention. We enable our customers to reduce financial losses, improve customer satisfaction and enhance operational efficiency. www.niceactimize.com

Our Experts Jury Panel

Florin Award Jury will be chaired by Charmaine Oak, co-founder of Shift Thought, and author of “The Digital Money Game”. The Jury will consist of key independent and objective experts in the field.

cHARMAINE Vikas Munshi edited melisande-m joris-den-bruinen
Charmaine Oak

Co-Founder, Digital Money, Shift Thought

Vikas Munshi

Creative Technologist at ING Bank

Mélisande Mual

Managing Director at The Paypers

Joris den Bruinen

Deputy Director of The Hague Security Delta


Benefits for each of the Florin Nominees:

  • Exposure as Florin 2017 Nominee through EUROPEAN Payment Summit and The Paypers e-mailings, website and dedicated conference blog up to the EUROPEAN Payment Summit 2017
  • Product display as Florin 2017 Nominee at EUROPEAN Payment Summit 2016
  • Personalized marketing toolkit package
  • 1 Free pass to the EUROPEAN Payment Summit
  • Special discount on the full Summit fee for 2 delegates

Benefits for the Florin Winners:

  • A Florin 2017 Award trophy
  • Exposure as Florin 2017 Winner through EUROPEAN Payment Summit and The Paypers e-mailings following the EUROPEAN Payment Summit 2017 (for one month)
  • 1 FREE Subscription to The Paypers premium publications
  • 1 FREE interview
  • 1 free EUROPEAN Payment Summit 2018 delegate pass

Additional Information

Application Fee

The Application fee for the Florin Awards Europe is ‎€ 285 excl. VAT.

Awards Ceremony

The Florins are awarded to the winners in the Florin Award ceremony at the EUROPEAN Payment Summit. Jury members present will announce the winners. Each winner is allowed a short ‘thank you’ speech.

The Florin Awards Process
The Florin Awards process has been designed to capture the most recent innovations in the transaction services industry and to select the nominees and winners that have broad industry appeal. To this end, both industry experts and the community are involved in the process to determine the winners. The way the winner is determined differs for each of the Florin Awards.

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