14-15 March 2018


European Payment Summit 2018

Leading platform for professionals actively engaged with the payment / transaction space

We would like to welcome you to the 17th edition of EPS on 14-15 March 2018 in The Hague.

The digitally connected world has changed the way we transact. New technology and new schemes enable us to by-pass regulated models. New payments techniques require new rules as we need to protect users (businesses and consumers). This fast changing landscape opens door to instant payments, optimisation of processes and logistics but also new security risks. The “proof of the pudding is in the eating” as we learn by the day.  Also our global legal framework need to be re-aligned.

The Hague, The Global Center of Justice and Peace, is the ideal place for global alignment and understanding. Jointly with the EuropeanPaymentSummit, The Hague will foster the discussion to create a new legal level playing field in the world of digital transactions. A meeting point for transaction and payment professionals and experts to not just discuss innovation, but also discuss the consequences for society and the legal framework and alignment needed to secure transactions for business and consumers.

We will face dynamic market changes. GDPR will force us to rethink responsibilities and customer centric obligations. AI will enable us to smarter payments and a more secure environment. In our data economy “identity” will be crucial. Not static but in layers, decentralised and dependent on the context of use. EPS 2018 will discuss all key trends and developments as we secure a top program for you as professional in the transaction space!”

Join us today and share your program ideas and suggestions!  Check out our program draft and ‘live’ document!


DAY 1 Wednesday 14 March 2018

  • Anticipating on Next Level of Payment Challenges
  • The GDPR Challenge: Bridging Legal - Finance - Technology
  • “Security & Identity - the Estonian Strategy Shared”
  • “ Identity + Context = Payments”: why identity will be bigger than payments!
  • World-War X: Cybercrime in the Transaction Space
  • Open Banking Evolution: XS2A and the repositioning of banks/ PSP’s in the new data-eonomy
  • Cyber Defences: Protecting the Payment Environment
  • AI in Payments
  • Preventing Payment Transaction Fraud
  • “Out of the Sandbox Thinking”
  • Payments Innovation Asia


DAY 2 Thursday 15 March 2018

  • PSD & Next Steps Implementations
  • Onboarding - Access Management
  • AML in practice: Smart Strategies Workshop
  • Real-Time Payments: In Search of Value
  • Hacker Weaponizing AI: New defence lines needed
  • Blockchain Technology in Payments: the TenX Case
  • The Emerging IOT-Transaction Environment New insights on risk & security management