25-26 APRIL 2019


Payments Driving The Digital Transformation

Changing Consumer Behaviours – New Technologies – Regulatory and Legal Challenges


We would like to welcome you to the 17th edition of EPS on 25-26 April 2019 in The Hague.

Returning to The Hague on 25-26th April 2019, the 17th edition of The European Payment Summit (EPS) will provide attendees with vital information and guidance on the major issues and trends currently affecting the global payments industry. We will assess the regulatory landscape and its efforts to keep up with all the latest developments in technology, with keynotes focusing on on how we align global issues such as risk management and security.

Join us today and share your program ideas and suggestions!  Check out our program draft and ‘live’ document!



Check out our full program from 2018! Also check out our special report from 2018 event – Download here.


Day 1 - 25 April 2019

08.00Welcome Coffee & Registration
09.00Introduction by Summit Chairman
09.15Welcome to The Hague
09.30Keynote Panel Debate with Q&A
Payments Driving The Digital Transformation
- From transactional necessity to business enabler
- Ride-share services
- Online retailers/ mobile payments/ card schemes
10.15Keynote Panel Debate with Q & A
The Brave New Payments World - A Regulatory Challenge
- Global Alignment GFIN
- Cybersecurity risk management
11.00Networking Break
11.30A1 The New Era of TicketingB1 Next Gen Payments Security and Reducing Fraud Risk
- Paying for airline, travel and entertainment transactions
- Avoiding fraud and ticket re-sales
- Instant and guaranteed payment solutions
- Implementing AI
- AML Monitoring Tools
- Cyber Security in Payment Networks
12.15Keynote Speech
A Tale of Two Regions: Southeast Asia and Europe - could they be any more different? Or are they?
- Contactless/ mobile payments leapfrogging cards
- Different regulatory approaches
12.35Meet the Florin Awards Nominees
5 Nominees to be introduced or introduce themselves with their key headlines, 3 minutes each
12.50Networking Lunch
14.00The Fintech Intermezzo #1
14.15Meet The Florin Awards Nominees (Part 2)
5 Nominees to be introduced or introduce themselves with their key headlines, 3 minutes each
14.30A2 The Big European Cash DivideB2 Migration of Cards
- Present situation reviewed
- Why we still need cash
- The cost of cash and alternatives
- Innovation driving the survival of cards
- From cards to mobile wallets
- Cards and eCommerce
15.15A3 Breakthrough Payment Platforms Movers and Shakers in Europe B3 Aligning Identity Solutions in Europe Supporting Seamless Transactions
- Latest developments
- Cutting-edge tech solutions
- Game-changing features
- The scattered landscape explained
- Common options for alignment
- Importance of seamless transacting
16.00Networking Break
16.30Keynote Briefing
17.00Keynote Briefing
17.30Cocktail Reception
19.30Dinner & Awards Ceremony


Day 2 - 26 April 2019

08.00Welcome Coffee & Registration
09.00Recap by Summit Chairman
09.05Keynote Briefing
Implementation for Success - Open Banking Reality

09.50Financial Inclusion - The Next Revolution in Payments
- Innovations from regions like sub-saharan Africa
- Banking the unbanked
- New means of cross-border payments
10.15Keynote Panel Debate with Q&A
Alignment of Real Time Payments Across International Borders
- New technologies and interoperability driving new payment services
- Are fast rails enough?
- Lack of compliance standards
11.00Networking Break
11.30A4 The Legalities of Payments
- The need to mediate in a global economy
- International standards or the lack thereof
- Safe eCommerce - retail and wholesale
B4 “Hard” CryptoCurrencies - Beyond Bitcoin
- Underlying issues with current crypto assets
- Diverse regulatory perspective
12.00Networking Lunch
13.00The Fintech Intermezzo #3
13.15Keynote Speech
13.45Keynote Panel Debate
Privacy & Payments
- The effects on our behaviour
- Is GDPR really working?
- How transparency can influence our buying patterns
- AI / Big Data - Retailer Power Play?
14.30Closing Remarks by Chairman
15.30Farewell drinks
16.00End of Program